Pairing Wine and Chocolate

Pairing wine and chocolate, once unthinkable, is now common place and well accepted. At Sweet Traders we have been doing it for over 25 years and even patented the idea and bottle sleeving process back in 2000. We are excited and happy that finally, the Foodies and critics have realized what we have know all along…that pairing wine and chocolate is sinfully delicious and amazing!

Chocolate Dipped Wine Bottles As vintners continue to experiment with blending different varietals the range of wines that pair with chocolate is ever increasing, today there are even chocolate flavored wines and wines tasting like chocolate dipped strawberries, some of which can be found on our website, having of course been dipped in chocolate! One has to be cautious however, not every wine pairs well with chocolate, choosing the right wine and pairing it with the right chocolate are key and at Sweet Traders we have this down to a fine art, through years of experience. As with wine, chocolate varies in taste and quality, with some chocolatiers using single origin cocoa beans others using blends to achieve their desired taste. We use award winning Guittard chocolate, made using the French method for over 145 years and an industry favorite in the candy making world, used by well known brands as See’s and Rocky Mountain. Every wine we sell has gone through our pairing test with Guittard’s dark, milk and white chocolate before making it to the chocolate dipped wine bottle stage.

Then we let our creativity flow using the labelling and bottle décor as inspiration for each design. The decorations we use are all edible and are the same mediums we use on our beautiful award winning wedding and event cakes. At Sweet Traders we are purists , we don’t use nuts, candied fruits or any décor that hinders the taste buds from detecting the complex flavors the wine makers and chocolatiers have spent countless hours creating. The goal of pairing wine and chocolate is to enhance and complement the other, three is a crowd as they say and after all these aren’t chocolate covered marshmallows we’re talking about! Our chocolate dipped wine and champagne bottles are dipped and decorated in our FDA approved bakery in Huntington Beach, CA, using our patented method and FDA approved materials. Our bottles have a pull tab attached to the bottle and are then covered with a plastic sleeve upon which the chocolate is dipped. Then a final plastic sleeve is shrunk over the bottle and sealed to keep the chocolate fresh. We then gift wrap in an organza gift bag to match the labeling and décor of the wine or champagne bottle. Our bottles are dipped in small batches to ensure freshness, once sealed the chocolate on the bottles stays fresh for at least eight months to a year, but who wants to wait that long before indulging in this decadent feast of the senses!.

Please keep in mind when ordering that chocolate is perishable and sensitive to heat so in summer or when sending to warm weather destinations with temperatures exceeding 75F, please select an expedited service to ensure your beautiful gift arrives in good condition. Happy shopping !